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IPM Computers, LLC., Wilmington’s finest IT services provider since 1995.

We provide in home and in business and remote site services tailored to your needs on your time. Our employees are dressed casual but clean, and are trim and proper appearing on time when specified. Great attitude, friendly, and willing to help. We will get the job done with your satisfaction in mind.

Our Goal  

Our goal is to provide the best services possible in a timely fashion that leaves each and every customer remembering the name “IPM Computers, LLC” as the company that provided them the help needed at the most important times. We strive to be the first provider of today’s leading technology for North Carolina. We want to earn your trust in dealing with your systems and get the job done exactly how it needs to be done, and have an everlasting commitment to any future needs that may arise.


Most appointments can be done same day or within 24 hours of notice. We charge full rate first hour, then go by half rate every half hour. We have been presented with so many unique situations and applications that we are confident we can complete any task you present us with!

We have experience with the following companies:

Various pieces of software we have experience with:

We Keep You Going

We can maintain your computers and prevent costly downtime by taking care of your system. Also we can measure the life of your systems, reading event logs, and several other tasks to give you the owner, as much time as possible to know when your computer needs to be replaced or worked on.

24/7 Support

24/7 Support
We are here when you need us. We can fix any tech issue on site or remotely. With our trained technicians they have experience solving any issue you can come up with. We also stay up to date on the latest technology available to keep your system running its fastest possible.

Reliable, Time Tested

IPM Computers has been around since 1995 and we will be here for many more years to come. So you can have no worries about finding another tech ever again. We keep a long running record with all our clients, so we have many references available for you upon request.

IPM Computers versus BestBuy

Service IPM Computers Bestbuy
Setup a wireless network* $90/hr (in store) $125/hr (on site) $200+tax
Setup a new PC** $90/hr (in store) $125/hr (on site) $150+tax
Diagnose a PC*** $90/hr (in store) $125/hr (on site) $150+tax
Diagnose and repair a PC*** $90/hr (in store) $125/hr (on site) $150 (remote) $300+tax (on site)
  • BestBuy limits this rate to 2 devices per every $100. At our average speed we can network 2-4 devices a hour at our $125/hr rate.
  • Yet again we beat BestBuy for doing exactly the same thing, except we go beyond what they do by putting no limits on what we do as we go by the hour, but we make sure that computer is setup 100% and ready for you to just get on and enjoy without the hassle of doing all sorts of technical tasks first.
  • We don’t just diagnose your computer for our hourly rate, we fix it too! We don’t understand why anyone would charge so much ONLY to tell you what is wrong with your computer then charge you even more to fix it.
<> Note that this does not include nearly all of our services! Call if you have any questions about information technology and if we can provide a solution to your situation!