Time Warner lags behind (what a surprise…not)

Click here for main source There are so many things wrong with this. Time Warner needs to quit acting like BP and actually spend their money advancing their hardware and coming into the year 2011 for once. It’s sad enough that North Carolina has...
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Have a computer you want to get rid of?

If you have an old computer within four years of age that you are not in need of but are not sure how to safely dispose of it, give us a call. We will pick up your computer, remove all the data and set it up with a fresh install of windows. We collect...
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Beware of fake anti viruses!

We have seen at least 100 people in Wilmington alone who have experienced this virus! We have seen it spread via email, social networks, and simply being online, and not updating your computer with all windows updates. Windows XP users we can fix your...
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