Business Phone Systems

Starting January 1st of 2017, we have began selling and installing Star2Star phone systems. Throughout the entire year we will be offering deep discounts on turn key installations of our phone systems as we build our reputation in the phone sector.

One of the questions we get asked on a common base is “Why do you choose to partner with Star2Star and what makes them better than the rest?”

Well to that we say the following:

  • They are 100% USA based. All tech support is in Sarasota, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia. They do not out source to foreign countries.
  • They are primarily a programming company, and a very good one at that. After meeting their lead programmer and testing their knowledge on the foundation of their system, I can easily say they know what they are doing, and they have several things going for them that give them a competitive edge over the competition. This allows them to be
    extremely flexible on offering their system to small businesses, all the way up to massive huge call centers spanning thousands of phones across the country.
  • Their entire infrastructure is very well thought out as they have several co-location centers placed strategically throughout the entire country that equals a better experience on each and every phone call you make and receive.
  • Line pooling. A lot of companies do not do this simple concept. Example: You own 3 physical locations. Normally through the phone company you would need a line for each phone at each location. With line pooling you could order as little as 3 lines total, and spread them out among all 3 locations. This allows you to save big on your monthly phone bill.
  • Never a busy signal! All Star2Star customers never experience a busy signal ever again. Either the call will go to a voice mail, or it will get to wherever else it needs to go. Never a lost chance at a client due to a busy signal.
  • Next day air life time warranties on all parts of the phone system. IT staff would greatly appreciate this considering part of the phone system is the edge device (Starbox/PBX) and the switch connecting the computers and phones.
  • Not restricted to a single proprietary brand of phone. They allow 5 different makes of phones to interact with their phone system. Yealink, Polycom, Cisco, Panasonic, Snom. They even allow you to adopt most VOIP phones that you may already own from a previous vendor.
  • Everything is able to grow to your businesses growth.
  • Ties in to SugarCRM and Sales Force to track your phone calls your employees make.

There is just so much to say about this phone system that you have to experience it for yourselves. We have an in house demo available for anyone to stop by and see and use the phones in per
son, or we even have a mobile demo unit where we can bring the phones to you and let you try them out in your office on your internet.

How does the process work?

  • First we survey your company to determine your needs with phones and infrastructure and we offer a free network assessment to see the condition of your internet connection to verify it’s in great condition for telephone services. If it is not, we will work with your internet provider to improve the services free of charge.
  • Then we provide you a formal quote and the quote is agreed upon, and the initial deposit is made (either up front, or in lease payments).
  • Then once the equipment arrives at our office, we configure and test all equipment. Once all that has been completed, we schedule an install date to minimize any form of down time with your company.
  • After everything has been installed, we review the entire system with those in charge and go over how to use the system with all involved in the company. For the first 30 days, any questions you have about how to use the system, or anything in general, we are there free of charge to help you in any way.
  • Later on months or years later if you need anything to be changed on the system, if it’s done remotely, it’s free of charge, if it’s on site, we will be there for a minimal fee to get the job done.


Let us give you a quote today! All this year we are giving bottom dollar prices on turn key installations! 910-463-4299