Backups and Disasters

At IPM Computers we take backing up your systems and disaster recovery processes very seriously.

We utilize several recovery methods utilizing companies such as Storage Craft, Iaso, and Datto, to get the job done.



  • What if your files were held ransom by a virus?
  • What if your files were physically destroyed or stolen?
  • What if your server died and you needed it back up and running in a matter of minutes?
  • What if you accidentally deleted that file last week and all of a sudden realized you needed it now?

Backing up your files is one thing, but how long can you afford to be down during that repair time?
Do you have to worry about HIPAA regulations with encryption of your backups?


We provide various solutions to various forms of situations from your budget to your needs. We can provide on site devices to house your backups and disaster recovery solutions, or we can provide you with software that will backup to external hard drives and/or the cloud.


Give us a call and we can help you today with a new backup and disaster recovery solution for you.