Managed Services Plans

IPM RMS includes:
A customer service portal. (to submit and check the status of service tickets, invoices, and more)
Comprehensive 24/7 hardware and software monitoring.
Monthly Systems Performance Reports for Anti Virus, and Remote Connections.
Microsoft + 3rd party patch management.
Unlimited Remote and In Store remediation for all IT infrastructure
Password and IT documentation portal for entire company and employees.**
5 hours of on site labor, resets monthly.**

IPM RMS Mail Filtering includes:
Outlook addon to assist in spam filtering.
3 methods of how to filter spam.
Anti virus filtering with multiple AV engines.
Multiple fail over MX records across multiple geographic locations to ensure 100% up time for email.

IPM Backup and Disaster Recovery includes:
A customer service portal with weekly backup reports.
100GB (Desktops)/500GB (Servers) Cloud backup storage.
Pooled cloud storage.
Unlimited local storage to external drive source.
Bare metal restoration.
Hyper-V standby image.
30 day archival of all file changes.
Exchange/MS SQL/Hyper-V/File level backups.
Cloud managed via IPM Computers.

** Only available if all systems in the company utilize IPM RMS, and servers utilize RMS Backup.

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