Managed IT Services

Over the last several years, IPM Computers in conjunction with hundreds of our clients, and thousands of their systems, have perfected our managed services practice we refer to as “IPM RMS”, making us one of the most successful MSP’s in the area.

Our ever evolving approach to the always changing world of IT has benefited our clients in multiple ways as we have grown together. Ways such as stabilizing and minimizing IT cost, while providing peace of mind that systems will function reliably and in worst case scenarios, files and systems will be properly backed up and restored. Discover how by contacting our team at (910) 463-4299 or

At the beginning of our engagement, IPM Computer’s consultants help organizations assess their current Information Technology support needs. We then prepare a Managed Services Proposal tailored to fit the organization’s specific needs.

Q. What are Managed Services?
A. Managed Services is the proactive remote monitoring and management of a computer network, phone system, or wifi system. We have branded this as “IPM RMS.”

Q. How does it work?
A. IPM Computers installs network management and monitoring agents on your servers, PC’s, and other misc items linking them to IPM Computer’s Network Operations Center (NOC). Our monitoring system monitors every 15 minutes of the day 24/7, data backups, hardware failures, anti virus systems, software updates, and much more. Our enterprise grade anti virus works hand in hand with this software to give you hourly virus definition updates, as well as weekly core software updates on the anti virus program itself. Our patch management methods and schedule provide the most current updates for all Microsoft products as well as several various other 3rd party programs, which are performed in a manner that minimizes downtime for all our clients. Our wifi networks are kept up to date on a daily basis keeping you ahead of all exploits making you susceptible to hackers.

Q. What if I need immediate help?
A. IPM Computers is staffed M-F 8am-5pm and is on call available during off hours to immediately react to critical alerts and system down scenarios. We keep our staff at a 50% work-wait ratio meaning when you call us, we will have someone available with little to no hold time at all. We have a significantly positive track record of response time with our clients and strive to hold that record. With our managed services, our software gives us transparency into your equipment that helps us solve all issues in half the time vs traditional break/fix methods and with greater accuracy, saving our clients from cost of downtime and repairs.

Q. How can Managed Services help reduce costs?
A. IPM RMS typically save money by reducing your IT staffing budget. Often, IT systems can be maintained at optimal performance for a fraction of the traditional support cost. Becoming part of the IPM Computers team greatly increases the overall reach of technical talent available to our clients. Think of getting multiple techs for less than the cost of one. As a result, these methods also mean less downtime overall per year which in turn directly outputs to less cost required for IT.

Q. Do I need Managed Services if I have an IT staff?
A. Even with an IT staff most businesses do not receive the comprehensive, proactive management described above with their existing technical personnel. A managed services program can be a very effective complement to an organization’s IT staff. Furthermore, the diverse skill sets of IPM Computer’s technicians can typically fill expertise gaps with your existing IT staff. Especially when dealing with the latest and greatest viruses and newest software releases.

Q. What are your pricing and plans?
A. Please call us at 910-463-4299 or email us at sales@ipmcomputers so we may discuss our solutions for your company.