Virus removal

Is your computer being held hostage?

Doing things you didn’t tell it to do?

Performing slower than normal?

At IPM Computers we know how important your computer and data are, and we strive to immediately remove the viruses and reverse the damages done to your computers with our repair methods. We offer a couple different routes to take such as our Tier One IPM RMS services, or our regular break/fix hourly rate method.

Virus removal services and our process

At IPM Computers we stay up to date on all the newest botnets, fake anti viruses, root kits, trojans, malware, and spyware so that when we are presented with your case, we will know how to handle the problem and can use our highest industry grade disinfection tools and methods, with as little down time as possible to complete the job.

When you bring your computer to us below are the steps we take to make sure your experience is a pleasant one.

1) Determine if the issue is 100% virus or also hardware related so that you don’t sink your money into a computer that won’t operate much longer. Viruses can cause dying hardware to show their weakness, such as hard drives that are soon to die. Processors that have overheated multiple times, or tired worn out video cards and memory.

2) Backup your system entirely on our 32TB storage server before we perform virus removals so that any irreparable damage will not occur causing you to lose data.

3) Assess how bad the infection is and begin removing the viruses

4) Reverse the damage done by the viruses

5) Update the operating system and all software to the newest versions to prevent reinfection.

6) Install the newest version of anti virus and anti malware software available as well as more secure web browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Fire Fox all with ad blocker plus.

Virus removal guides

Want to do it yourself? We believe in a free an open internet, so if you feel able to follow instructions and try our free resources below, give it a try, but reader beware, you do this at your own risk! Some of these tools can leave you in worse shape than before if used incorrectly! Below are some of the tools and resources we use to combat the never ending fight against hackers and viruses.

Virus removal tools