Conficker Worm Removal

The Conficker Worm, also called Downup, Downadup and Kido is a very advanced worm that began infecting computers in 2008, and it became the largest virus infection in the world since 2003. Many anti-virus companies have specific tools to remove this worm, much like Nimda. This guide will walk you though using the Sophos Virus Removal Tool.

Step 1: Download the tool from
Step 2: Run the “Sophos Virus Removal Tool.exe” and install it
Step 3: Go to your programs and run the “Sophos Virus Removal Tool” and let it update if needed.
Step 4: Click “Start scanning”
Step 5: Once it is finished scanning, clean the detections and reboot your computer.

Run a scan with Malwarebytes to ensure the infection is removed:

Step 1: Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware from
Step 2: Run the setup files and install Malwarebytes.
*When installing Malwarebytes you will have the option to enable a free 30 day trial of their premium service, this is not required.
Step 3: Click the ÔÇ£Scan NowÔÇØ button in green, if an update is available then click the ÔÇ£Update NowÔÇØ button in the bottom right. The scan will begin once the update is finished.
Step 4: The scan may take some time, depending on your computer and the number of infections, but once it is finished click the ÔÇ£Apply ActionsÔÇØ button in green.
Step 5: Malwarebytes may or may not request that you reboot your computer after it has removed the infections, if it does you may proceed to reboot.