Operation Global III Removal


Operation Global III is a combination of a botnet/malware, ransomware, and a screen locker. Not only does it infect every file on your computer with its own maliciously spreading code, it encrypts them so that they are not usable, and locks your screen to prevent you from repairing the issue. Luckily, there are a few weaknesses in the design. The decryption key is stored on each file, and a well-known decryption expert has already developed a tool that can be used to save your files. Unfortunately the process the virus uses to encrypt the files is very buggy, and even after decrypting them they may not work correctly. It is recommended to reinstall Windows and your applications to ensure they will work properly.

You must download and run the patcher while the infection is still active on your computer. To do this, hold the Alt and Tab keys at the same time to return to your desktop and download the fix.

Step 1: Download the OG3 Patcher from http://download.bleepingcomputer.com/Nathan/og3patcher.exe
Step 2: Double click the downloaded file and click “Patch”
Step 3: After the patch is finished, you can double-click your files to decrypt them.